Revitalization of the Dragon Ching

Ancient Herbal Formulas for Sexual Revitalization

  1. Joyful Dragon Formula
  2. Dragon King Ointment
  3. Dragon Horn Formula
  4. Modern-Day Herbs

  5. The White Tigress Manual lists various herbal formulas that the Jade Dragon can use to achieve three goals:

    1. Increase the size of the Jade Stem
    2. Acquire more sexual prowess
    3. Improve the quality and quantity of ejaculation

    The three goals are best achieved by using the Joyful Dragon Formula in combination with both the Dragon King Ointment and The Nine Jade Dragon Exercises. After the maximum results are achieved from the Joyful Dragon Formula, the Dragon Horn Formula can be used, but because they share some of the same herbs, the two should never be taken simultaneously.

    Note: These are powerful and effective formulae and should only be mixed by a competent herbalist.

Joyful Dragon Formula

The Joyful Dragon formula stimulates blood flow to the penis, thus expanding the corpora cavernosa, stimulating the growth of the bulb of the corpus spongiosum (causing it to lengthen), causing the increased production of semen and the frequency and prolongation of erections, while also encouraging multiple ejaculations.


Lengthen the Jade Stem and increase sexual stamina.


  • Yuan chih Polygala japanoica — 3 grams
  • T'u szu tzu Cuscuta japonica — 3 grams
  • She ch'uang tzu Cridium japonica — 4 grams
  • Wu wei tzu Schizandra sinesis — 3 grams
  • Jen shen Panax ginseng — 3 grams
  • Jou tsung jung Boschniakia glabra — 3 grams


Take the formula in pill or tea form three times a day for nine consecutive days, then take as needed.

Dragon King Ointment

The Dragon King Ointment causes the Jade Stem's skin to attract increased blood flow in the dorsal veins, arteries, and capillaries, thus causing the two corpora cavernosa chambers and the glans penis to swell.


Enhance length and girth of the Jade Stem.


  • Jou tsung jung Boschniakia glabra — 3 grams
  • Hai tsao Sea Grass — 2 grams
  • Lu kan cha Deer Liver Extract — 9 fl. oz.


Apply the ointment to the outer surfacer of the Jade Stem 3 times a day for 45 days or until the Jade Stem's size has reached its maximum (usually 2-3 inches of added length and 1-2 inches of added girth).

Dragon Horn Formula


The Dragon Horn Formula has many benefits, especially for men in their late forties or older. The Jade Stem will enlarge one inch in both length and girth, and erections will come much more easily when one is engaged sexually with a woman. The formula prevents the erection from shrinking during sex and greatly increases semen production, and it also cures noctural emissions, excess urination and aches in the middle back.


Enlarge the Jade Stem and prolong erections.


  • Hsien ts'ao Immortal Grass — 4 grams
  • Yuan chih Polygala japonica — 4 grams
  • Wu wei tzu Schizandra sinesis — 4 grams
  • Po tzu jen Cedar Seeds — 4 grams
  • Jou tsung jung Boschniakia glabra — 4 grams
  • Ch'e ch'ien tzu Plantago major — 4 grams
  • T'u szu tzu Cuscuta japonica — 4 grams
  • Jen shen Panax ginseng — 4 grams


Take the formula in pill or tea form daily for 1-2 months or until the effects are readily apparent, thereafter, take as needed for 1-2 weeks or until the effects return again.

Do not take simultaneously with the Joyful Dragon formula.

The Nine Jade Dragon Exercises

  1. Preliminary Treatment
  2. Dragon Pressing Its Body
  3. Dragon Wagging Its Tail
  4. Dragon Twisting A Pillar
  5. Dragon Pressing Its Head
  6. Dragon Stetching Its Claw
  7. Dragon Holding Its Breath
  8. Dragon Entering The Cave
  9. Dragon Entering The Bamboo Stalk
  10. Dragon Stroking Its Whiskers

  11. It is not necessary to take any of the formulas or herbs described on this page in order to perform the exercises presented here, but using both in unison is advisable for maximum effect.

Preliminary Treatments

After taking the herbs, wait approximately third minutes and then begin the following regimen:

  1. Remove all clothing from the lower body so that nothing constricts your movements.
  2. Soak the entire penis shaft (but not the groin) in warm water for 3 minutes.
  3. All the exercises should be sone sitting upright on the edge of a chair.
  4. For all the self-massage techniques use an oil, or the Dragon King Ointment, to help make the actions easier and smoother.

The water should be warmer than lukewarm but not so hot that you can't touch it, close to the temperature of warm shower water. This will help relax and draw more blood into the Jade Stem.

1. Dragon Pressing Its Body

Dragon Pressing Its Body is an acupressure exercise for strengthening erections. The exercise will ensure that sufficient blood flow and qi will reach the genital area for the exercises that follow.

  1. Rub the area 3 inches below your navel with your right palm clockwise 36 times.
  2. Rub the same area with your right thumb clockwise 36 times.
  3. Press hard with your thumbs 3 inches above the medial of the ankle, slightly behind the tibia. Press hard in and out 36 times on both legs.
  4. Press hard with your thumbs 3 inches below the kneecap and 1 inch to the lateral side of the tibia. Press hard in and out 36 times.
  5. With your palms, massage vigorously upward along the legs to groin area.

2. Dragon Wagging Its Tail

Dragon Wagging Its Tail consists of slapping the penis head against each of the thighs. The exercise draws increased blood in to the Jade Stem's head and desensitizes the Jade Stem so it won't ejalucate during the remainder of the exercises.

  1. Place the right hand below the groin and press slightly on the perineum with the middle and index fingers. Hold the other fingers up and away from the area.
  2. Position the left hand so that the thumb and index fingers completely encircle the base of the Jade Stem and the rest of the fingers lie on the shaft pointing towards the Jade Stem's head.
  3. Slap the Jade Stem's head against the left thight 36 times.
  4. Reverse the position of the hands and slap the penis on the right thigh 36 times.

The slapping should be moderate and slow. Do not slap so hard that the Jade Stem feels a sting, but do not slap so soft that a sound isn't produced.

3. Dragon Twisting a Pillar

Dragon Twisting a Pillar consists of twisting and pulling on the Jade Stem's shaft. The exercise begins stretching the Jade Stem and loosening all three of the blood chambers.

  1. Hold the base of the Stem firmly with the index finger and thumb of the right hand, with the remaining fingers resting on the testicles.
  2. Bring the left hand over the Stem and grasp the shaft firmly with the index finger and thumb, as in the slapping method above.
  3. Twist and pull the left hand up to the underside of the head of the Stem 36 times.
  4. Reverse the position of your hands and twist and pull with the right hand another 36 times.

4. Dragon Pressing Its Head

Dragon Pressing Its Head consists of squeezing and pulling the Jade Stem. The exercise aids in bringing more blood into the three chambers and the Jade Stem's head. It also helps in increasing the Stem's girth.

  1. Hold the base of the Stem firmly with the right hand, as in the previous exercise.
  2. Press the thumb and index finger of the left hand firmly against the front and back of the Stem.
  3. As if squeezing paste from a tube, bring the hand up just below the head of the Stem and hold it there firmly.
  4. Use small force to try to flex and expand the muscle of the head of the Stem.
  5. Flex in this way 36 times, holding the Stem firmly with the left hand.
  6. Reverse the position of the hands and, while holding the Stem firmly with the right hand, perform another 36 repititions.

5. Dragon Stretching Its Claws

Dragon Stretching Its Claws consists of pulling down and back with one hand, while pulling up with the other, as if pulling the Jade Stem apart. The exercise is an extension of the previous exercise and is primarily performed to fully stretch the three chambers.

  1. Hold the base of the Stem with the right hand, as in the previous exercises.
  2. Take the left hand and grasp somewhat firmly along the underside of the head of the Stem with the index and thumb.
  3. Simultaneously pull outward and up with the left hand and down and back with the right hand, as if pulling the Jade Stem apart.
  4. Do this 36 times.
  5. Reverse the position of the hands and perform another 36 repititions.

6. Dragon Holding Its Breath

Dragon Holding Its Breath consists of both squeezing and holding blood into the head of the Jade Steam. The exercise is primarily performed for the lengthening the Jade Stem and enlarging the head of the Stem.

  1. Hold the base of the Jade Stem firmly with the right index finger and thumb.
  2. Using the left index finger and thumb, grip the underside of the head of the Stem, pulling the Stem slightly outward and up.
  3. Squeeze the Jade Stem's shaft, drawing blood into the head of the Stem so that it enlarges slightly.
  4. Hold this position and your breath for a count of 9, and then release the pressure of the left hand.
  5. Do this 3 times.
  6. Reverse the position of the hands and perform another 3 reptitions.

7. Dragon Entering the Cave

Dragon Entering the Cave consists of squeezing and flattening the Jade Stem's shaft from the base up to the Jade Stem's head. The exercise is primarily performed for expanding the width of the penis.

  1. Place both thumbs and index fingers at the base of the Jade Stem, with the thumbs on top of the Jade Stem's shaft and the index finger below.
  2. With firm back and forth motions, squeeze and flatten the Jade Stem all the way up the shaft to the underside of the Jade Stem's head.
  3. Repeat this 36 times.

8. Dragon Entering the Bamboo Stalk

Dragon Entering the Bamboo Stalk consists of rolling the Jade Stem's shaft between the two palms of the hands. The exercise is performed for widening the penis shaft.

  1. Place the palms of both hands along each side of the Jade Stem's shaft.
  2. Starting from the base of Stem, vigorously roll and exert inward pressure on the Stem, moving the hands upward along the shaft to the underside of the Jade Stem's head.
  3. Once at the top, bring the hands down to the base and begin rolling again.
  4. Repeat this 36 times.

9. Dragon Stroking Its Whiskers

Dragon Stroking Its Whiskers consists of a rolling of the palm over the Jade Stem's head. The exercise is performed for enlarging the Jade Stem's head and lengthening the Jade Stem's shaft.

  1. Hold the base of the Stem firmly with the right index finger and thumb.
  2. Swipe the left palm firmly over the Jade Stem's head, moving from the top to the back of the Stem's shaft.
  3. While swiping, pull, press, and stretch down as far as possible without causing pain.
  4. Pull, press, and stretch the Stem to the right side 36 times.
  5. Reverse the position of the hands, and while holding the base of the Jade Stem with the left hand, perform the pulling, pressing, and stetching to the left side 36 times.

Concluding Treatments

  1. Dragon Pearl Massage
  2. Massaging the Seminal Ducts
  3. Tapping the Dragon Pearls
  4. Rolling the Dragon Pearls
  5. Wearing the Dragon Collar

The following 5 treatments should be done in conjunction with The Nine Jade Dragon Exercises. It is essential that they are not disregarded as they are crucial to the benefits of and development prompted by the Nine Jade Dragon Exercises. The massages should be performed immediately after completion of the exercises.

Dragon Pearl Massage

Massage the Dragon Pearls. This exercise will help the production of testosterone, strengthen erections, increase the seminal fluids, and heighten sexual energy.

Massaging the Seminal Ducts

  1. Hold the Dragon Pearls, using the thumbs and index fingers to locate the seminal ducts, which are above the pearls.
  2. Roll them around gently, first stretching out to the side, then pulling back, and then stretching forward and out.
  3. Use pinching and releasing movements along the length of the ducts as well.
  4. Perform each of these actions at least 9 times, up to 36 times each.

Be gentle and careful, the purpose is to massage the ducts so blood will flow more freely through them.

Tapping the Dragon Pearls

  1. Grasp the Jade Stem with the right hand directly under the Stem's head and stretch it upward.
  2. With the middle finger of the left hand, tap gently against each Pearl 36 times, using enough energy to cause the Pearls to bounce up and down.
  3. Reverse the position of the hands and, with the right middle finger, tap each Pearl another 36 times.

Rolling the Dragon Pearls

  1. Grasp the Jade Stem with the right hand, as in the previous exercise.
  2. Cup the Dragon Pearls with the left hand and roll them in the hand using half-twisting motions, like turning a doorknob.
  3. Do this 36 times in each direction.
  4. Reverse the position of the hands and perform another 36 repitions, while simultaneously stretching the Jade Stem with the left hand.

Wearing the Dragon Collar

A Dragon Collar is a silk band that is tied around the base of the Jade Stem and underneath Dragon Pearls. Before binding, perform the slapping and twisting exercises described previously so the Stem is stimulated.

Don't bind the band too tightly, but just enough to trap blood in the Jade Stem's shaft and head. Wear the Dragon Collar for at least one hour a day. This will help lengthen the Stem and enlarge the Stem's head.

Modern-Day Herbs That Revitalize Sexual Energy

In addition to the herbal formulas listed above, a man might wish to take more readily available popular herbs used for stimulating sexual energy and alleviating problems of the prostate: ginseng, yohimbe, and saw palmetto. These herbs will be most effective taken in extract form.



Yohimbe originates from the inner bark of the tree Pausinystalia yohimbe. Yohimbe has three actions that make it useful and powerful as a sexual stimulant:

  1. It expands the blood vessels in the extremities of the body—the head, hands, feet and genitals—which increases blood flow to the corpus cavernosa
  2. It inhibits and reduces the effects of hormones that constrict blood vessels, hormones that typically increase as we grow older
  3. It increases the production of norepinephrine and adrenaline, both of which are essential to both erections and sexual stimulation
  4. Yohimbe is one of only two substances approved by the FDA for the treatment of impotence—the second being Viagra.

Supplemental Treatments

  1. Strengthening the Erection
  2. Enlarging the Jade Stem's Head
  3. Enhancing Sexual Energy
  4. Preventing Nocturnal Emissions
  5. Preventing Premature Ejaculation
  6. Increasing Semen Quantity and Quality
  7. Virgin Boy Training

These supplemental treatments can be used in conjunction with eiter the Joyful Dragon or Dragon Horn herbal formulas, and the Nine Jade Dragon Exercises. They are not necessary for increasing sexual prowess or the size of the Jade Stem but can used if necessary.

Strengthening the Erection

Many men experience difficulty maintaing an erection for a long length of time without constant simulation, or do not always reach full strength. These effects become more serious as they grow older because the erection becomes diminished in both intensity and duration.

The first rule is masturbate less frequently. After the age of 30, a man should masturbate once a week, at most 2-3 times.

  1. Masturbate as often as desired, but only to the point of stimulation, not ejaculation. This will greatly increase sexual energy as well as strengthen erections and increase seminal fluid production, while reversing desensitization that might have occured.
  2. Wear tight underwear so that more blood remains trapped with the Jade Stem during dailing acivities.
  3. Take either fresh ginger or ginger extract capsules every day. Among ginger's numerous health benefits is an increase in blood circulation to the extremities.
  4. Stimulate the kundalini gland, located a couple of inches inside the anal orifice. When stimulated it can greatly strengthen erection.

The best technique for stimulating the kundalini gland is to lie on your back and have your partner insert their middle finger, with the palm of the hand facing down, fully into your anus, and then press down repeatedly with the finger in the rectum. Have your partner tightly grasp the base of the penis and scrotum with the other index finger and thumb. The effects of the erection will be felt more fully if your partner orally stimulates the Jade Stem's head while tapping the kundalini gland.

Enlarging the Jade Stem's Head

The width of the Jade Stem's head is what gives your partner the most pleasure and sensation, whether vaginally, anally, or orally. The Stem's head contains the largest majority of the Stem's sensory nerves, making it the most sensitive area for the man; for the woman, the rim of the head induces increased sensation within her orifices.

Therefore, the larger the head (the bottom rim especially), the greater the sensation for both partners.

There are three primary methods for enlarging the Stem's head:

  1. Soak the Stem's head in warm (not lukewarm or hot) water to increase blood flow. Do this daily for 100 days, and then stop for 30 days before starting again.
  2. Have your partner grasp and apply pressure to the base of the Stem's shaft and entire scrotum with the index finger and thumb of one hand. She should then orally stimulate the head, using firm suction of her lips and mouths for several secons; this will also help draw blood into the Stem's head. This exercose should be repeated for 3-4 minutes every day for 100 days, and then stopped for 30 days before beginning again.
  3. The third method is applying the Dragon Collar directly beneath the Stem's head and keeping it there until the erection has subsided. This will help trap blood in the Stem's head for a longer period of time, helping to stretch and expand the head.

Enhancing Sexual Energy

There are several commonsense actions you can take to ensure peak sexual energy:

  1. Maintain a daily exercise routine.
  2. Eat healthy foods, especially vegetables and fruits, and voide processed foods or foods containing sugar. Sugar will deplete your sexual energy, and over time completely destroy it.
  3. Be hygienic. When the body is clean it is far more energetic. Every day apply a cream, lotion, or herbal extract to the entire shaft and head of the Jade Stem and the Dragon Pearls. Creams containing ginseng, aloe vera, and Vitamin E are best.
  4. Stay away from cigarettes, caffeine and reactreaional drugs. Alcohol will increase sexual desire when consumed moderately, but dull your senses when consumed to the point of drunkenness.

Less obvious ways to enhance your sexual energy:

  1. Shave the entire pubic and groin area. When the genitals are shaved, it triggers adolescent responses in the body, making you feel younger and much more energetic.
  2. Have a cup of American ginseng tea twice a day.
  3. Every day for 60 days, eat two ounces of crushed walnuts. This will restore sexual energy, strengthen erections, and increase semen quantity. After 60 days, stop ingesting the walnuts for 90 days before beginning the process again.

Preventing Nocturnal Emissions

  1. While sitting or lying down, take your right thumbnail and press it into the skin below the center of each fingernail of your left hand.
  2. Reverse the position of your hands and repeat.
  3. Press each finger 10 times, twice a day.

These acurpressure points on the fingers calm the kidneys and central nervous system and regulate the seminal ducts.

Preventing Premature Ejaculation

If you sense your climax is coming too rapidly, apply the following technique to prolong sexual activity:

  1. While the Jade Stem is erect, place the index finger and thumb of the left hand around the base of the shaft, applying firm pressure with the index finger against the lower part of the underside the Stem.
  2. With the index finger and thumb of the right hand, sequeeze the tip of the Stem 36 times.

Caution must be taken not to the pinch the tip of the Stem too hard or it might cause bruising. The pressure should be strong enough for you to feel it but light enough not to cause any pain or discomfort.

Increasing Semen Quantity and Quality

The parts of man's sexual performance that will most impress a sexual partner are his intensity at climax and the quantity of semen he ejaculates. The more semen a man ejaculates, the more the woman views herself as having fulfilled him. Aside from the herbs and exercises mentioned previously, the following can also be performed to help the body produce more semen:

  1. Soak the Dragon Pearls in cold tap water for 3 minutes. Do this every day for 30 days, then wait 30 days before performing the soak again. Within a year you should be able to double the amount of semen you normally produce, provided you are taking the herbs and doing the exercises previously listed.
  2. Take a piece of sliced red ginseng every day and place it in your mouth until it completely dissolves.
  3. Ejaculate only once in every 3 masturbations. The other two times, stop before the sensation of climax occurs and simply relax until the urge to climax disappears.
  4. Let your sexual partner see you ejaculate. Rather inside her or into a condom, do so on her body or even onto yours. It will create two important psychological responses: first, you will want to ejaculate more semen because you are put in a position of exhibition; second, your partner will want to draw more semen from you.
  5. For those fond of oral sex, it is advisable to eat fresh cinnamon, licorice root, or pineapple to make the semen taste better. Dairy products and sugar (of which alcohol is based) will make the semen taste bitter or rancid and should be avoided.

Virgin Boy Training

For men who want to completely restore and regenerate their sexual energy and fluids, Virgin Boy Training works best—but it can be difficult. This method was used throughout China in martial arts training and various spiritual practices to ensure that the practitioner's energy would be that of a young boy's again.

The concept is simple: Don't have sex or ejaculate for 100 days.

For many men, this is difficult in practice. You are advised to practice the acupressure method for preventing nocturnal emissions every day when undertaking this practice. And it should be noted, you cannot practice the Nine Jade Dragon Exercises during this time.

The reason for this practice is to restore the semen back to its original healthy and potent condition. If nocturnal emissions do occur, continue practicing but add an extra day to the practice for each nocturnal emission.

At the end of 100 days, you may resume normal sexual activity. However, you will sense how much energy ejaculation takes from you, so you will find yourself refraining from casual masturbation and sex for at least a few weeks.

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